Random Acts of Insanity at Cinematique Daytona Beach Florida!!! By Maria Campbell


If you’ve ever needed a good LAUGH, then you’re going to want to check out

“Random Acts of Insanity Improv Troupe”

Maria Campbell

As I sat in one of the many “Director’s Chairs” in the quaint shadowy Cinematique theater, I realized that the RAI troupe is full of BRILLIANT cast members, they use such a specific skill, improvisation,  the art of creating scenes without preparation!!!

The scenes and songs that grew out of their scenes didn’t halt the plot but actually advanced it. In improv, that kind of consistency is a rarity.

I was laughing so hard that I almost peed my pants!!!

andrew       Andrew Ramos did an amazing job of Hosting and Introducing games and players. He also played a mischievous Kangaroo that had lost his family to a beastly arachnid.

In this hilarious musical scene,

danno       Danno Waddell showed of his musical finesse by playing a country beat on his guitar. The cast members then proceeded to act out a scene in the outskirts of Australia with some captivating accents!

omar       Omar Reveron did a compelling job of helping out our Kangaroo friend rescue his family by marrying the hairy arachnid played by George Hanns. These two guys had me cracking up so hard I nearly choked on my cheese plate.

george      George Hanns amazed us with his rhyming skills as he told the story of this lonely hairy arachnid and devoured his new mate just after their vows of marriage!!!!

One of my favorite scenes of the night was about a husband that was driving his wife to the hospital, as she was in labor. The cop stopped them and is adamant about giving them a speeding ticket. The group had me rolling on the ground with their silly antics.

matthew       Mathew Elliot played the screaming pregnant wife, as her husband (Danno) argued with the police officer ( Omar).

It was Mayhem at it’s best !!!

I almost lost my marbles as the baby (George) was coming out of the womb, in the midst of the police officer and dad having an altercation on the side of the road.

To make matters even more ludicrous, they had to re enact the ENTIRE scene, but each time ONE player was taken out of the equation, leaving in the end only George to act out all 4 parts in a hectic state!

Can’t wait to see the other members on stage soon!

dee dee      Dee Dee Grau

minas     Minas Fakrajian

Join them this Saturday for more laughs and Stand Up from the BEST out there!

They will also be celebrating their 13th BIRTHDAY on Saturday July 21st, so come and support this “REBELLIOUS TEENAGER” Troupe as they celebrate 13 years of being ALIVE!

Stand up RAI


The Random Acts of Insanity Comedy Improv Troupe specializes in performing fast-paced audience-driven improvised shows and entertainment.

Their LIVE Improv Comedy Show is featured every Tuesday night and select Saturday nights at 8:00 pm. Admission is only $5 (really!


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REVIEW:  “Random Acts of Insanity! at the Cinematique Theater in Daytona Beach Fl 

Get tickets at : http://cinematique.org/festivals/improv-comedy/






7 Ideas on how to visit your child’s WORLD of IMAGINATION! by Maria Campbell




As an avid improviser and actress, I have learned how to visit my child’s WORLD of IMAGINATION and I can tell you that it is so much FUN.

Being able to imagine and play with my kids, VISIT their world, is the most rewarding GIFT I can enjoy each day. Walt Disney said it best: “Who Says we have to grow up?”


Here are some of the PRETEND games that you can try out with your kids:

  1. Superhero Adventures: Each person playing gets to pick a superhero persona, you can use real props and costumes or just imagine what they look like. I like the idea of imagining my costume because then it can be as extravagant as I want it to be. Take some time to play superhero adventures, fight crime, fly through the jungle, or over buildings and save the princess or prince from danger. There is no wrong adventure that can be imagined.supergirl
  2. Librarian or teacher hour:  We all have that child that absolutely LOVES BOOKS or reading. This is the best game to play. Give them a chance to teach you about a book they like, or a subject matter. Depending on their age, they can create fun worksheets or activities for you to do as their student, or read you a story and then re enact it together to summarize the plot. Get creative, if your child enjoys teaching, they have this skill already.
  3.  Indoor Camp out FUN:  Or if you like the outdoors, by all means, take it outside. Set up a fun camping area, it can even be done with pillows and blankets. Have a fun secret knock or phrase to get into the “fort”, pretend you are on an adventure to find a magical object. You have to make sure that no one can find you because there are other people after the object too. You can even have someone that is not playing, hide the object for you and your child, Makes the hunting even more authentic and FUN. 24
  4. Play dough Restaurant or Bakery:  My little one, LOVES playdough. For this game, just dedicate a bit of time and pretend to visit your child’s restaurant or bakery. THey will have so much fun making you cupcakes, or burgers. This is also a great chance to teach them about money, and how to give back change. You can take any of these games and use them as TEACHABLE MOMENTS for your child.
  5. Grocery Store Treasure Hunt: This one is for a child that is reading and able to cross of items on a list. Bring your child to the grocery store and tell them that you are both pretending to be on a treasure hunt for the items on the list. You can use Pirate voices while shopping or put on fun hats or scarfs. You can even buy them a small prize at the end of your trip as a reward for finding all of the treasures on the list. Use this time to discuss prices for items, and how state tax works. Believe it or not, kids are more likely to listen and learn when it is related to the REAL WORLD.
  6. Bubble Dance Party: Who doesn’t LOVE Bubbles? Put on some tunes, blow some bubbles and have a dance party. This is also great for exercising and learning new moves. Talk to your child about the importance of moving your body and exercising daily. Show them some of the cool moves from your childhood.
  7. Pretend Art Teacher Class: For those of you who have that little artist in your life, this is a fun game for them. Have some art supplies ready and tell them that they are going to be the art teacher today. Have them walk you through one of their fun painting creations. Make sure to encourage them and celebrate their suggestions, this will help them get even more creative and have a good time.  You can discuss how mixing primary colors can make different colors. Or discuss shapes and how they can help with drawing different pictures.messy-hands

Stay tuned for more fun activity ideas and books for 2017. 🙂

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Sneak Peek for ALL 4 books with Khloe Koala

Want to know how to use the books or get a sneak peek of what they look like. 🙂

Check out these great links. Maria Campbell goes through parts of the story and gives great suggestion on how to use the books to help higher level of thinking with the readers while reading : )

Khloe Koala y el Impala Rojo, Vistazo


SNEAK PEEK: Khloe Koala and Red Impala


Christmas with Khloe Koala Sneak Peak


Actividades de Navidad con Khloe Koala un Vistazo


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Exclusive: Interview with Khloe Koala

Host: Hi Khloe and Welcome! 🙂 How are you doing today?

Khloe: I’m doing good. I made this for you. (hands host handmade Christmas picture)


Host: This is so cute, thank you.Did you make this yourself?

Khloe: Yes.. but no, I started to make it by myself but my mom saw that I had paint all over my paws and  the floor and she ran over to help me. But I wanted to do it by myself.

(Host laughs)

Host: So, tell me…how has it been to be the character of two books now?

Khloe: It’s been fun because I get to do a lot of silly things in the books. In Khloe Koala and the Red Impala, I get to go off on my own with my stuffed animal friends and play in a playhouse shaped like a Pirate Ship. 🙂


Host: How fun, was that your favorite part?

Khloe: Well…my favorite part was eating the chocolate cake at the end. But I also liked the way the thunder beat like a drum during the story. It was kind of scary but fun.

Host: I can imagine. How about your new book, ” Christmas Activities with Khloe Koala”, what did you like about that one?

Khloe: I liked that I was able to get messy and use paint on my paws and feet to make some of the pictures. I like to get messy. It’s FUN!


Host: What do you hope for this series of books with you as the Main Character?

Khloe: I hope that KIDS have FUN and learn how to use their imaginations. I want the kids that read the books to get creative and share their pictures with me on facebook, so we can all share our beautiful artwork or ideas. Plus, I think the kids will like to use their feet and hands to make art. It’s a lot of FUN, just don’t do it if your mom isn’t looking, she might get upset.

(host laughs)

Host: Before we go, can you tell me 3 of your favorite activities from the new book?

Khloe: Well..I really liked making the Piñata that looks like Santa and putting a lot of candy in it. But if you do that, make sure not to put chocolate in it and leave it outside because it melts and that’s not fun. I also liked watching movies with the family and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. Just don’t stick them in your nose, the parents don’t like that very much.

(Host laughs)

Host: I’m sure they would rather you not do that. hahaha. And our time is up folks, thank you so much for joining us, until next time.


What are some of your favorite books or activities? 


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Keep your eye out for these other books:

“Khloe Koala and the Red Impala,” by Maria Campbell

“Khloe Koala y el Impala Rojo,” por Maria Campbell


Christmas Activities with Khloe Koala

Actividades con Khloe Koala


10 FUN facts about Khloe Koala



  1. She loves to read books and learn.
  2. She enjoys using her creativity to make art.
  3. She has fun pretending and playing with friends.
  4. She enjoys dancing around the house and singing at the top of her lungs.
  5. She makes sure to be grateful for one thing each day.
  6. She enjoys learning about health and fitness.
  7. She wants to learn many languages.
  8. She is a kind and giving koala.
  9. She loves to use her imagination to create beauty.
  10. She tries hard to keep her thoughts positive and happy.


What are some fun facts about you? We want to know. 


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Keep your eye out for these other books:

“Khloe Koala and the Red Impala,” by Maria Campbell

“Khloe Koala y el Impala Rojo,” por Maria Campbell


Christmas Activities with Khloe Koala

Actividades con Khloe Koala




SNEAK PEEK: “Christmas Activities with Khloe Koala” by Maria Campbell


Dear Friend,


Do you know the story of the Three Wise Men? They rode their camels to visit the baby Jesus and bring him gifts that were fit for a King. Isn’t that nice? Has anyone visited you and made you feel special?


Love, Khloe


P.S. Today I am thankful that other people make me feel special.


Dear Friend,


I live in Florida, so we don’t have a chance to build any snowmen. But I have a great imagination and I drew a picture of the snowman that I would make. Do you want to see it? What would yours look like?


Love, Khloe


P.S. Today I am thankful that I can imagine anything I wish.


Dear Friend,


Have you ever heard of the song, “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer?” That is one of my favorite Christmas Carols. It tickles my funny bones to think of a red nosed reindeer. What makes you laugh?


Love, Khloe


P.S. Today I am thankful that other people share their fun ideas.


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Keep your eye out for these other books:

“Khloe Koala and the Red Impala,” by Maria Campbell

“Khloe Koala y el Impala Rojo,” por Maria Campbell


Christmas Activities with Khloe Koala

Actividades de Navidad con Khloe Koala


Using Music for Descriptive Writing! (for any level)

Do you want to start writing, continue writing, are you feeling stuck with your writing? Sometimes as writers, we get stuck in the rut. We have those days when we feel that we have nothing left, zip, nada.

When I feel that way this is what I do:

One of the biggest things that helps me is using music to inspire my descriptive writing. Remember to try and include all of the 5 senses while you are doing your free writing.

5 Senses

  1. Sense of touch (what do you feel in this scene)
  2. Sense of taste (what do you taste in this scene)
  3. Sense of sight (what do you see in this scene)
  4. Sense of hearing (what do you hear in this scene)
  5. Sense of smell (what do you smell in this scene)

(I put on a playlist of meditation music and did a free writing session for about 15 minutes, this is what ooozed out)

(This is a small preview of a series of future books to come, “Fairies with a Vengeance” by Maria Campbell, adult novels, more descriptive details found in the book)

Adam is sitting alone in a beautiful garden in the middle of nowhere…..

He hears the birds chirping in the background, the sweet sounds of a flute playing as the swishing of a brook nearby caresses his ears. He feel the brisk wind as it dances by his face, causing him to shiver. The colors around him are popping like fireworks during the fourth of July. The greens, yellows, pinks, blues look brighter than ever before.

A small butterfly flickers by, landing on the fragile petal of the wilting rose. A sense of delight tickles Adam’s spine and a smile forms on his rugged face. Out of the corner  of his eye he sees an inquisitive fairy staring from behind a willow tree.

He slowly gets up to walk by the edge of the water, pretending that he doesn’t see her curious eyes staring with question. As he kneels by the water’s edge Adam catches a glimpse of his own reflection. The water ripples as he introduces his hands to the cold and clear liquid. He scoops up a bit of nature’s potion and swallows the refreshing nectar with hurry.

His admirer has flown higher in the branches and is slightly smiling his way. She is beautiful, even from a distance he can see her glimmering shine, the way her wings seem to flutter oh so gracefully, the perfectly formed nose in the middle of her beautiful face.   He starts to walk towards her with arms spread open, as if requesting a hug.

She seems intrigued and casually starts to float down each branch. Singing her beautiful melody, luring Adam into her trap, the boy is mesmerized, hypnotized, unable to think.  He starts to get a bitter taste in his mouth, the world around him starts to spin out of control….then DARKNESS….

Stay tuned for more to come. I LOVE writing kids books, but the adults need something to read TOO. : )


How to use puppet theater with your child for reading comprehension?

One of my all time favorite scenes from a movie is , “The Sound Of Music”, the part when the kids are putting on a puppet performance for their father and his soon to be bride. 🙂

(If you have never seen it, I highly recommend it)

I love to sing along to the yodeling song and watch them manipulate the puppets to tell a beautiful story.

This type of dramatic play can be used with your child to help them with their reading comprehension.

Now, do you need to have fancy puppets? No, not at all. I have made some puppets with socks in the past and they did just fine. 🙂

Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Pick a story to read with your child that is age appropriate
  2. During the story take time to stop and ask them guiding questions
  3. EX: Can you tell me what has happened in the story so far?
  4. EX: What do you think will happen next in the story?
  5. EX: What is this characters’ name?
  6. After you finish the story, discuss the different types of characters and your child’s favorite scene, or part of the story
  7. Use a sheet of paper to help them draw out a simple sequence of events.
  8. Decide which characters you would like to turn into puppets.
  9. (Have fun creating the puppets)
  10. Use the puppets to re tell parts of the story. Making sure to praise the child for correct summaries of the story or gently remind them if they are having a hard time with the sequence of events.

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BONUS points for using our very own “Khloe Koala and the Red Impala” book

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